Click on the image Merry Object at the Dusky Rocks
Unackknowledged Deviser
Both she is beautiful and evil
A spanish Bride`s sad Dream
A Time Danger
What is doing Your Managerie with You, Madame
An Arbour with the Key
At the Fortune-teller
Ezop`s Banquet
A Solitary`s Rest
The Magician Dürer
John Cage conducts Nature`s Music
Human and the Cathedral
A dozing Desire
A Magic conducted
There was at the Tailor
Wedding Shirts
The Revolution sleeps on the Playa Chiron
An Owl brings the Night`s Key
We are looking on a Dali`s Meditation of a Balance
Gourmet`s Bed
She loved both Bird of Prey and Me
The Black Profile
A Thinker`s Head
Minotauros is angry
A Cosmos Visit
Don`t drown the Heart on the Palm
Sometimes we unnecessarily cut our life Thread
Gardener`s Head
That`s calyx of gall ye merry-andrew!
Walk of historical geodesist over cabbagy leave