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What is ArtForum?

First a joke (history of ArtForum), then a few month´s effort to find out whether the Czech art has a chance to impress anyone on the internet, today a virtual gallery of 50 famous Czech graphic designers, photographers, glassmakers and sculptors trying to draw the attention to the options of utilization of the information technologies in the area of the international presentation of the Czech culture.

Where and how can ArtForum be visited?

ArtForum is a virtual gallery, therefore it cannot be visited otherwise than by entering the respective address (www.gallery.cz) on the computer keyboard. The visitor cannot see the personal works of art or meet a nice gallery attendant, however he never finds the door closed, has the option of browsing through the exhibition, which would never fit in any gallery due to its extent (approximately 2,000 works of art) and still does not matter at all, whether he is just sitting at the computer monitor in Zlámaná Lhota or in the Manhattan. A direct communication with the gallery is ensured thanks to the "Guestbook" or e-mail.

What are the benefit exhibitions of ArtForum?

It became a good habit, that once per year, the gallery leaves the internet to greet in ?real? environment all the friends and to thank the fellow workers and fans. These meetings include exhibitions and auctions of works of art of artists, with whom the gallery is honored to cooperate. This way, ArtForum tries to prove that the world of information technology which is remote and alien to a lot of people is able to help specifically where the help is needed. During the past five years, ArtForum organized 4 auctions, the result of which is 3.3 million Czech Crowns on the accounts of the needed. ArtForum 1998, New Town Hall, the auctioneer - Marek Eben, the auctioned amount of CZK 360,000 in favor of PARAPLE association

Are the exhibited works of art for sale?

Although the purpose of activities of ArtForum is in particular a presentation of the present Czech art, the selected works of some artists are available for sale. The list of artists and description of the form of sale is available under the reference "Sale" in the top bar of the gallery home page. For every "available" work, you find a "sale" button with the respective description. ArtForum does not own the exhibited works. If anyone is interested, we personally contact the artist and send the ordered work to the client (DHL, FedEx)

Who is the man behind the whole gallery, who supports it?

The author of the idea of founding a virtual gallery are

  • Zdenek Jirkovec - a founder of SA&S and the director of the technical development of ICZ

  • Tomáš Svoboda - The second "founding father" is a famous Prague lithographer, the master of art crafts

   Operation of the gallery and everything that is related to it is a responsibility of

  • Petr Kraus - director
  • Hynek Olchava - graphic designer

   And this all stands on the understanding and altruism of the general partner of the project

  • ICZ a.s.
  • and 50 artists, whose works of art form the basis of a favorable response of the local as well as foreign public