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Works of these authors are available for sale in this gallery:

Tomas Bim - Litography
Adolf Born - Litography
Jiri Bouda - Print
Hana Capova - Etching
Karel Demel - Print - combination form

Jan Hisek - Print - intaglio printing

Jan Kavan - Etching
Ladislav Kuklik - Etching
Oldrich Kulhanek - Etching, litography
Zdenek Netopil - Oil, litography, pencil
Jindrich Pilecek - Print - intaglio printing
Marina Richterova - Etching, litography
Pavel Roucka - Litography, print - combination form, acryl
Jiri Sliva - Litography
Emma Srncova - Litography, oil
Jaroslav Rona - Painting, sculptures

Selling rules

For every work, which can be bought, you will find a "sale" reference with the respective order form and the description (size, price, form of delivery...).

After sending the completed order form (or mail) the gallery will ask for a confirmation of the order and will specify further all details - the method and term of takeover.

Although the sale sets of individual authors are updated every year, it may happen that at the moment of the order the specific work is sold out. In this case, we notify the client immediately. We ask for your understanding, the objective of activities of ArtForum is not a sale of the exhibited items but in particular their quality presentation. On-going presentation of the individual sets is in such a case extremely demanding.