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The Author's Manifesto

In the table of systematic classification I most likely belong to the category of the so called "deepsters/gravure printers", that means those graphic artists who prefer the deep printing. In the same category there is a box called "etchers" and that is where I belong.

The direct way of making the matrix and then the process of printing itself is an irreplaceable creative experience. It is a true creative process with all its mental and manual aspects. The visual ideas raise certain demands and the material and technical experience and the knack make it possible to materialize them and to simultaneously get a feedback in the form of new thought-provoking stimuli.

Lately I have been literally taking the printing plates into pieces which I subsequently put together in the process of multiple reprints/transfers and use to set up compositions. The characters in my stories are thus relieved of their dependance on the background and the entire area of a sheet of paper becomes their undefined milieu. And thus through a fragment I like a kaleidoscope offer the old world in a new perspective.

By means of this method I obtain such a variability of form which fully corresponds to my desire to present a picture of ambiguity of interpretation as concerns the sense of the existence of a human being.

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