Josef Liesler

Josef Liesler

Painting, printing, illustrations


* 19th of September 1912 in Vidolice u Kadane
† 23th of August 2005 in Prague

1934-38 University of the architecture and structural engineering, the branch of the professorship and drawing (prof. Oldrich Blazicek, Cyril Bouda, J. Sejpka)
1938 the section "Seven in October" member
1942 SVU Manes member
1945 SCUG Hollar member
1945 professor of drawing and architecture at the University of the architecture and structural engineering
1958 the section "58" member
1964 complimentary member of Florence Academy
1969 member of Belgian Royal Academy in Brusel
1977 complimentary member of Czech bibliophylists

He took part as a painter, graphic designer, illustrator, exlibris and postal stamps author in many native and international exhibitions and Czech fine art shows.

He is an illustrative author in excess of hundred book titles and he created many drawing of the postal stamps and exlibris.

His production is representated in many prominent native and international collections (Galeria degli Uffizi in Florencia)

He created a lot of aesthetical articles and reasonings - Free Trends, Block, Hollar.