Tomas Bim

Tomas Bim

Painting, printing, illustrations


12th November, 1946 in Prague

"As a little boy I used to visit my father and watched him working in Jiri Trnka Studio. I kept watching him one, two hours all the whole day long.Thus I saw the irigins of drawing - a good drawing. And I did also try it myself. One day Mr. Trnka came to me and asked whether I wanted to be a painter and whether I know what that means. It means to draw three hours a day, to draw everything and every day. That's all you need to become a painter."

Due to his parents' political views he was not admitted to the High School of Graphics at Hellichova Street. So he started apreticeship of book binding at Stredoceske tiskarny. Having finished his aprenticeship he worked in Supraphon (record publishing house), but he was forced to quit this job for political reasons - he was suspected that he had prepared a strike.Due to this he decided that he anyhow didnrt like to wake up every day early in the morning and to spend the whole life in a regular job and therefore he switched for free lancing as an independent creative artist.

"I worked as a printer and then jobbed as a creative artist of the State Theatrical Studio. I was creating posters for singers and music bands, gramophone record covers, catalogues, puzzles, booklets, ... 1971-1974 I was even sign writing advertisments and billboards at sport stadiums and for various companies, exhibitions and fairs. Our headquarter was at the stadium at Strasnice, where we were producing billboards for Kovo, Pilsner Urquell, Coca-cola and many others."

This world of long forgotten sport places and old billboards is a memory so strong that Tomas Bim keeps returning to in his painting and graphics. "I was a typical born in the center boy who loved those magnificent trips to the outskirts of Prague. I was enchanted and charmed by this negligence and nonchalance sometimes even run down, battered beauty of the outskirts full of delapidated barns full od mysteries and rubbish stores. I keep returning there even though these places change so rapidly and so much.Nowadays I search and find inspiration all over the world and then I embody it in one painting - I combine and anticipate things. Even that is a creative adventure."

Tomas Bim has had 85 own exhibitions and participated at tens of exhibitions together with other artists during his creative life, he exhibited both in his home country and abroad, he has illustrated a number of books and magazines, he is a collaborator of both the TV and film companies, his ex libris and posters are highly appreciated and recognized, his paintings and graphics are decorating many artistic collections all over the world.

"He loves living in a world full of colours, paints and papers and other things he may use to recording things he sees. He loves his family, good food and good drinks, he loves also his house at Lety on the banks of the Berounka river, he loves his neighbours in Cernosice and Dobrichovice, he loves three pubs in his vicinity, two labrador dog bitches and his cat Mikes."

Script author Oldrich Dudek wrote about Tomas Bim that he reminds him of the popular thief Babinsky at the top of Babinskyrs career. (Excerpted from monography INVENTURA (Tomas Bim 50).