Rene Roubicek and Miluse Roubickova

Rene Roubicek
Miluse Roubickova

Glass art

Works in architecture

Rene Roubicek
1958 Brussels, Czechoslovak pavilion at the world EXPO ´58 exhibition, a spatial composition from glass and metal. A year later a similar composition at the exhibition of Czechoslovak glass in Moscow, at exhibitions of Czech glass in Bombay, Delhi, Sao Paolo
1960 exhibitions of Czechoslovak glass in Prague ( a repetition of the Brusels exhibition) and in Liberec ( a repetition of the Moscow exhibition), at exhibition of Czechoslovak glass in Cairo, Colombo and Monte Carlo
1965 Liberec - exhibitions fairs, fountain from glass columns
1965-66 Glass columns and sculptures for the Biennial in Sao Paulo and the exhibitions in Venice and Liege
1966 Ostrava, Funeral Hall, stained glass mounted in lead
1967 Montreal, Czechoslovak pavilion at the world EXPO ´67 exhibition, a configuration of densely formed sculpture - columns and a glass fountain
1969 Sophia, Cz. embassy, densely shaped chandeliers
1970 Osaka, Czechoslovak pavilion at the world EXPO ´70 exhibition, Cloud - Water, The Source of Life, sculpture from crystal glass and metal
1970 Cologne, Galerie Baukunst, Glass sculpture in entrance hall London, Czechoslovak embassy, densely shaped chandeliers Washington, Czechoslovak embassy, densely shaped chandeliers and lighting objects
1971 Cologne, Administration building of the Görling firm, chandeliers
1973 Pelhøimov, Munucipal Theatre, densely formed chandeliers
1974 Brasilia, Czechoslovak embassy, densely shaped chandeliers Prague, Intercontinental Hotel, lustre panel ceiling and glass light sculptures
1976-77 Karlovy Vary, Hotel and festival cinema, glass fountain, glass chandelier and lighting objects
1977 Most, Great Hall, walls from plate coloured glass
1984 Göttingen, Municipal Theatre
Most Theatre, Chandelier from hand moulded glass poles
1986 Coburg, Congress Hall, glass facade - stained glass and illuminated ceilings
1987 Saarbrücken, Altersheim, glass light sculpture
1988 Würzburg, Gnadenkirche Church, vitrail
1989 Paris, stairway chandelier for the Maison de la Saar
1990 Nenning, Casino, glass fountain
1992 Saarbrücken, Sports Hall, glass sculptures
1993 Saarbrücken - Reigelsberg, new town hall (arch. Bernhard Focht). Illuminated ceiling of the conference hall, stained glass - glass wall of the entrance hall, light sculptures for the wedding rooms, mayor´s office and illumination of the spiral staircase

Thurnhout, water castle, court room - chandeliers (arch. E. van Loven)
Leinefelde, Reifenstein Hotel - illuminated ceiling, chandeliers of the entrance premises, column wall of the entrance hall


Saarbrücken, IDS Centrum, staircase chandelier (arch. Bernhard Focht)
Frankfurt a. M., GWH, Head Office of Housing Associations - staircase illumination (arch. Bernard Bärenfacker)
Prague, EPD Prague City Centre - glass fountain of the entrance hall (arch. Jan Hoffman a Otto Dvorak)

1997 Prague, EPD, arcade, illuminated ceiling

Frankfurt a.M., GWH, chandeliers on all floors
Saarbrücken, courtyard of the Police Headquarters - glass sculpture (arch. Friedrich Lutz)

1999 Frankfurt a. M., GWH, illuminated ceiling of the entrance hall
Miluse Roubickova
1973 Pelhøimov, Municipal Theatre, chandelier from densely shaped glass in the entrance hall
1978 Berlin, Czechoslovak embassy, chandelier from densely shaped glass