Rene Roubicek and Miluse Roubickova

Rene Roubicek
Miluse Roubickova

Glass art

Picture supplement

René Roubicek with gaffers Josef Rozinek (between) and Petr Novotny

Miluse Roubickova with Josef Rozinek

R. and M. Roubickovi, private exhibition in K. Kalivoda´s fotostudio

Roubicek, Niederer and Heads

M. Roubickova at studio

R. Roubicek and Heads, from shooting of documentary film Dialog

From the left Roubicek, Dreisbach, Libensky - IGS ´97

R. and M. Roubicek,
glasshouse Novy Bor

From the left R. Roubicek,
doc. Masin and prof. Kotalík

Gimbling R. Roubicek

R. and M. Roubicek during the work of "Women´s parts",
IGS, Luzern, 1982

Rene Roubicek


"THE CLOUD" (Rene Roubicek)
remained in an uknown recreation centre in Japan

"THE RIVER" (in the backgroun, S. Libensky, J. Brychtova)
was sold piece by piece all over the world