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Jiri Harcuba

Jiri Harcuba

Glass art

Individual exhibitions

1969 Castello Sforzesco, Italy
1979 Glass, medals, coins / Maravian Gallery, Brno, CZ and Lobmmeyr Gallery, Vienna
1980 Medals and coins / Jachymov, CZ
1981-82 Glass intaglia, medals, engraved glass / Rychnov nad Kneznou, CZ
1982 Engraved glass, bronze medals / Semily, CZ
1983 Intaglia, medals, engraved glass / Semily
1984 Rozengalerie / Amsterdam
1985 Gallery Lobmayer / Salzburg
1986 Engraving / Kurland, Summers gallery, Los Angeles
1988 Jiri Harcuba's Portraits / Zlin, CZ Coins, medals / Hradec Kralove, CZ
1988-89 Face - intaglia and medals of Jiri Harcuba / Prague and Jablonec nad Nisou, CZ
1990 Jiri Harcuba / Augustiner museum, Freiburg, Germany
1994 Exhibition during the Czech - Bavarian days / Weiden, Germany
1995 Engraved glass and medals / Gallery Stolting, Harburg, Germany
1998 Retrospective exhibition to 70th Anniversary of the Museum of Pojizeri (engraved glass, medals, vitrography, drawings) / Semily, CZ
1999 Exhibition of glass, medals and vitrography in Institute for international research in Glass on the occasion of his inauguration at the University of Sunderland, GB Jacobson Gallery - laureates of "Rakow Commission"
2003 Ostmuseum, Regensburg, Germany
Museum Ostrava, Czech republic