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(The exhibition of Jaromir Rybák)

When I was browsing through photographs of Mr. Rybák's exhibition in ArtForum gallery, I was attracted by the strange name "Hatteria". Well, I was not sure about its meaning so I looked in some encyclopedias and here you have it:

"Hatteria (Hatteria punctata), a New Zealand lizard, which, in anatomical character, differs widely from all other existing lizards. It is the only living representative of the order Rhynchocephala.

Being of investigative nature myself, I also wanted to know how much it "differed", but for that I had to look in my best source of wisdom - the Net itself. And true enough, I have found something very interesting about this creature: this lizard has on its head an organ, called "the third eye", more like an opening, which can sense light and maybe some other signals. It is apparently a remnant of an additional, truly sixth sense, which later in other species became the internal part of brain, so called epiphysis cerebri. So we people have it too and our ancestors believed that there was the true location of human soul. I also recalled a book by Lopsang Rampa, "The Third Eye", which contains a quasi-Tibetan philosophy of some sort and the third eye also appeared in theosophical books of Madame Blavatsky who believed that our Earth was once inhabited by three-eyed Cyclops.

Needless to say, I do not subscribe to either of those theories. As far as I am concerned - if there is something we should call "the third eye" - it is the eye of an artist who could see what we don't, who has can view things differently through his imagination. Such eye being just another "sense", the one I would call a sense of art. Like the one presented in Jaromír Rybák art works. The eye which can discover the strange beauty in the combination of metal and glass - the strong and the fragile. The combination which is attracting by contrasts: the robustness next to gentleness. However, they also complement each other and when you look at it, you realize that one without the other would be surely missing something. The artist is matching those two different materials to create something new, something beautiful. Not a compromise, but rather enrichment. Like precious stone set in metal, his artwork is multiplying its value, its meaning.

In his art, Mr. Rybák devoted a whole chapter to cold-blooded animals, probably because they all represent for us some mysterious qualities; well, to me they do, anyway. His Atlants are carrying something larger than the Earth and Heaven together - our never ending quest for beauty. Quest one can see everywhere in Mr. Rybák's creations. For instance in The Touch of Love where gentle tentacles come out of the restless sea to raise up the jewel of beauty, or in Expectation where the modern world of sprockets matches the simple yet more beautiful shape of glass bowl., or as a Table of resting which is like a living proof of the beauty which is "within".

As the saying goes, "many were called, but only few were chosen". Yes, only those who can see with their third eye can really watch and sense the world of beautiful things. The eye which is not penetrating, but compassionate, not piercing, but gently peeking behind the curtain separating us from the world of things truly amazing...

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