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(The exhibition of Pavel Trnka)

Our world is undisputedly three-dimensional, at least that's what we learned at school. Still, it is only a fiction: we invented those three dimensions for our convenience only. We could have taken another number, say five and we wouldn't need to measure only distances, but the angles as well. It's simply because we live in squared world and the cube or prism are the main building blocks of our earth-space. But how many dimensions does the sphere have? Well, only one if you ask me. And when we leave our globe, even that one dimension is becoming smaller and smaller, until it disappears and we are left with one dimension only: the time. And even the time is running sometimes faster, sometimes slower over there...

Our world is of course not only three-dimensional, it is also very limited. Not only by those three dimensions, but mostly by them. And we are like that mime who is searching for escape from behind the fictitious glass barrier and with his spread fingers he is feeling that non-existent surface. Or like my neighbor's dog who has a special collar around his neck and gets electric shocks whenever he is approaching the wire which is buried around his master's property. At first it looks like a miracle, but it is only electronics which is controlling the dog remotely. Him, the slave who knows how to wear his collar.

Sometime I imagine that behind our three-dimensional world, that artificial barrier, lays the great cosmos of art, the only space where our mind can start running in the right direction. In any direction. And it is interesting that for that start we often need a piece of glass, be it the one in telescope, microscope or a glassy ball of an old fortune-teller. Or take the works of glass by Pavel Trnka, the glass-master, painter and sculptor, the works which are admired all over our, still three-dimensional, world. When I look them over I cannot help thinking that they have something which reminds me that escape from the third dimension: be it the color which penetrates through by sheer diffusion, or the inner tension which eventually results in shell-shaped surface of the crack, or even the vessel which looks like somebody inside tried to "cut" his way out. Yes, even the light which passes through prism suddenly shows its true colors, the rainbow arc at the end of which we can find - according to some Irish fairy-tale - the hidden treasure, the proverbial pot of gold.

Yes, the glass, the frozen liquid, that "solidus liquidus", at first glance immobile, but inside boiling with something which is invisible, but still ethereally ever-present. The piece of glassy meteorite which travelled here from God-knows-where. And we are watching with amazement that messenger from distant worlds, the messenger of the beauty transparent and therefore dimensionless. Like a magic crystal, the key, which opens the door leading from our three-dimensional world to the other space which has one dimension only: the art.

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Hurontaria - Czech/English magazine

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