Jaroslav Rona

Jaroslav Rona

Sculpture, painting


April 27, 1957 in Prague

1975-78 High School of Fine Arts in Prague
1978-84 Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts in Prague (Department of Glass Art of Stanislav Libenský)

Works in the field of painting, sculpture, graphic art, mosaic, stage design, stained glass, out works in architecture etc.

From 1985 he has been distinguished member of the Old Bunch, a prominent Jestedite and a Knight of the Order of the Green Ladybug

In 1985 in cooperation with director Tomas Vorel wrote and directed a theater play "A Little Urchin"

In 1987 was a founding member of the art group "The Stubborn Ones"

In 1993-94 worked on the set design of the film "America" (nominated for the Czech Lion)