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(The exhibition of Jaroslav Róna)

There are people who give up before they even start. There are people who start and give up only afterwards. Then there are people who don't give up even after they start - those who never give up.

Take me, for instance: I used to stop smoking. True, I also stopped "stopping" it, but I never gave up and started to quit again. I became so proficient in the art of stopping that I could have given lessons to those who wanted to quit - after all, I had a greater experience than the others, I quit more then twenty times. At the end, I really stopped smoking and I don't even know how, probably because I stopped thinking about it or as they say: "it is all in your head".

I think that the same applies to art: if you are trying to accommodate all that is "required", you would be starting again and again, but you would never reach your target, simply because you don't have one. Not everybody is aware of that, but I think Jaroslav Rona knows it pretty well. From the very beginning, he chose his way and didn't bother wondering what the others thought about it. And the success really came to him: his works became the parts of many collections and one exhibition followed another.

How it it possible? It is actually very simple: the artist must not be only the creator of art, but also his most important critic. Nobody else knows better what he wants to tell people in his art and therefore cannot tell him how to do it. Quite the contrary: should he listened too much to his critics, his work would lose its immediacy and noteworthiness. It applies for his statues which are really amazing, for his glass windows that mix the play of light and colors in enchanting combination, or for his paintings where the form complements the subject.

And I almost forgot: you have to be really good in everything you do, because your independence starts with the belief in yourself.

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