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(The exhibition of Bohdan Holomicek)

They say that painting is much more difficult than photography. I beg to differ: the painter can after all paint what he wants, whichever way he wants and there is no limit to his imagination. The photographer cannot afford such a luxury - he cannot distort the reality which is only the background for the idea, but nevertheless very important as well. True, he can use all kinds of filters, view angles and some know-hows. Yes, we can admire his techniques, but all that does not make a photography the art.

Bohdan Holomicek knows all that and you cannot see too many of those "tricks" on his photographs. I guess he chose the black and white format so the colors would not cover the grey, sometimes even rather sad reality and would not dissolve the magic of the moment or, somewhere else again, the persistence in time. The folks he portraits are from Krkonose ande and Jizerské Mountains, the folks I know so well and I can easily recognize from his photos. And they are coming alive amidst the scenery which is also slowly disappearing.

His art is trying to catch on a small photographic plate the short, perishable moments which may never repeat themselves again. The moments which we may call by many names, but mostly just "memories". It is not a small task, to show us the world as it is, people with all their joys and pains, hopes and disappointments. Just look at those photos and you see they are created by the man-photographer, the man-poet.

He does not hide nor adds anything - it is not necessary, if we are trying to penetrate into human feelings. His world is real, but quite uncommon. And his heroes are we, ourselves.

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