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Olbram Zoubek

Olbram Zoubek



* 21 4. 1926 in Prague
† 15. 6. 2017 in Prague

1945-52 he studied at the University of Decorative Arts in Prague (Prof. Josef Wagner).
1951 he started his restoring practice, he specialised in the Renaissance graffiti and stone sculpture.
1952 he married Eva Kmentova.
1954 his daughter Polana was born.
1952-70 he was a member of the Union of Czech Artists.
1956 his son Jasan, future sculptor, was born.
1958 he visited Greece for the first time. He became a member of the creative group Trasa (until its dissolution in 1970).
1965 he participated in the international sculpture symposium in Vysne Ruzbachy in Slovakia.
1966 he participated in the international sculpture symposium in St. Margarethen in Austria.
1969 he took the death mask of Jan Palach. At the exhibition called Sculpture and the City in Liberec he received the prize of Matyas Bernard Braun of the 3rd degree. He participated in the international sculpture symposium with Federsee in the Federal Republic of Germany. At the 2nd Prague Salon at U Hybern¨ in Prague he received the 1st prize of the Union of Czech Artists for the sculpture Jan. He created a tomb of Jan Palach.
1970 he created a tomb of Jan Zajic.
1974 he as a leader of the group together with Vaclav Bostik, Zdenek Palcr and Stanislav Podhrazsky started the seventeen year work on the restoration of the fašade of the Renaissance castle in Litomysl.
1978 after the reestablishment of the organisation of artists he was included into the registry of the Czech Fund of Fine Arts without signing the Antichart.
1980 Eva Kmentova died.
1981 he married Marie Edimanova from Litomysl. He visited Greece for the second time.
1982 his daughter Eva was born.
1987 he was a founding member and the Chairman of the New Group in Prague. At the exhibition - Selection from the Contemporary Czechoslovak Small Sculpture in the Gallery of A. M. Bazovsky in Trencin he was awareded the first prize.
1988 he signed the chart Nekolik vet (Few Sentences).
1989 he participated in the November revolution as a member of an action committee of the Union of Czechoslovak Artists. He became a founding member of the renewed and revived Artistic Union.
1990 he was awarded the National Price of the Czech Republic. He became a member of the Association of Sculptors of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.
1992 he participated in the art symposium Baroque and the Present at the Church of Enouncement of Virgin Mary in Litomerice.
1994 he completed his restoring activity.
1995 he was elected the Chairman of the Sculpture Symposium in Bronze. He made his third visit to Greece.

Olbram Zoubek lives in Prague and in Litomysl.

Tension between the weight and the desire to fly, between the presence and the direction to timelessness, between the taste of material and the effort to deny it, between perfection and inability to achieve it. That all is what makes me exited. To make the sculpture to stand on the ground with its feet and to make it to hitch to the stars.

Olbram Zoubek, 1994