Josef Moucha

Josef Moucha



22 August, 1956, Hradec Kralove

He has been taking photographs since childhood. He grew up in Prague. Studied photography, in the framework of TV and film specialization at the Faculty of Journalism, Charles University, Prague; in 1980 graduated with M.A. degree.

From that time, he is concerned with photography both practically and theoretically. His show debut was also in 1980. After reportage beginning develops a composition principle analogous with the twin-pictures. Accentuates fragmentary charakter of vision.

Organizer of photographic exhibitions - e. g.

1986 New Views
1989 Development of Czech Documentary Photography 1839 - 1989"
1992 Czechoslovak Photography in Exil 1939 - 1989"
2000 The Artists` Association Manes and Photography

He co-founded "The Active of Independent Photography" (Aktiv volne fotografie) in the spring of 1989 and two years later the gallery "Prague House of Photography".

1980s lecturer at the Faculty of Journalism of the Charles University as an external specialist in photography
1990-95 editor of the quarterly "Revue Fotografie"
1993 "Euro Regio Egerensis" (participation on workshop in Cheb, Czech Republic = series of subjective photographs)
1994 "Europe as experienced, Experience Europe" (lecturer of workshop in Knigswinter, Germany)
since 1995 Editorial Board of the "Imago" (biannualy Journal of Photography)
1999 "Dresdener Sommerakademie" (lecturer of workshop in Dresden, Germany)

now freelance