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Hunter in the pursuit, you know how to unsettle the heart! How much we enjoy being the fowl when you are the hawk, how much we enjoy being women when you are the man. The world is a vast forest where we hide away from you behind the trees, and suddenly we realize that fear is so much like love.

Fráňa ©rámek, Body

I am longing to get to know you better. At 10 o'clock after the performance I will be awaiting you by the entrance to the park, opposite the post office. You will recognize me by a thick, purple veil and the white grip of the umbrella in my hands. "All I know is that my body becomes restless and insatiable when I am not with you. All I know is that mist is in my eyes and weak are my legs the moment you touch me."

M. Waltari, The Egyptian

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