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Zdenek Thoma

Zdenek Thoma



September 2, 1938 in Prague

Photographer, journalist, traveler, adventurer. Member of the Photographers Association and Journalist Syndicate of Czech Republic.

After having hitchhiked for nearly a year on his way to Japan in 1970, Asia - the captivating continent full of life and fascinating contrasts - became his great love. He has spent over seven years of his life in different twenty-six different countries, mostly in Japan, China, Tibet, Nepal, and India.

He has written three travel books: Wandering in Japan, The Land of Gods and Demons, On the Way to the Sacred Mountain Kailas.

He is the author of photographs in several pictorial publications as China, The Art of Japanese Gardening, Nepal - Kingdom under the Himalayas (awarded as the most beautiful Czech book of 1996), The Art of Chinese Gardening, and is the co-author of The World of Tibetan Buddhism. Many of these books have been published in different translations.

His photograph series (e. g. The Magic of Japanese Gardens, Touched by the Himalayan Wind, Gardens of Silent Enchantment, The Valley of Wooden Temples, Indonesian Borobudur) have been exhibited in over 70 galleries and museums in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, and Japan.