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A Critic on Thoma

The number of years Zdenek Thoma have lived in Asia is still growing. For him to be able to go back there he brings back to Europe his photographs. These are published in magazines, but also in a number of books - photograph series and travel books. His comment is simple: "In my work I try to present the way people live. If we know each other better we will be closer to each other, respect, tolerate and understand each other." It is a serious attitude, a lifetime approach actually, as Thoma started his work more than twenty-five years ago.

There is so much information available that we stop seeing the connections. Zdenek Thoma tries to turn our attention to a continent that we do not encounter every day, even though it is an integral part of our common world. The fact that we are not aware of it is betrayed in the frequent daily use of the word "worldwide" - it usually ignores a greater part of the humanity.

We should consider certain information as an opportunity to see what is behind it.

Josef Moucha

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