Milca Eremiasova

Milca Eremiasova



Born on June 20th 1938 in Prague

Milca Eremiasova was born as the second of four children of a dentist. After graduating from secondary school, she studied lacework and embroidery under Professor Emilie Palickova and Professor Antonin Kybala at the University of Industrial Arts in Prague (referred to as the UIA) from 1956 to 1962. In the years 1967-71, she gained an artistic degree in the profession of hand-made lacework at the UIA in Prague.

From the year 1962 until 1990, she was engaged as a teacher at the School Institute of Industrial Arts in Prague. Besides bobbin-work and artistic subjects, she also taught the history of arts and textile technology. In 1990 she transferred to the Private Master's School of Artistic Design in Prague, where she directed a lacework and embroidery studio until 1995.

At present, she teaches workshops organised by the "Educational Association of Artistic Crafts", "Czech Bobbin" and the Czech lace-association "Lace". She is often invited abroad as a lecturer at workshops for lace-makers (Belgium. Netherlands, Denmark).

Since compling her studies, she has been actively devoted to independent creativities in the craft of hand-made bobbin lacework.

Her first independent exhibition took place in Sweden in 1967. This travelling exhibition started in July in Lund at the "Kulturen Museum" in a 10 x 10 m salon. It continued in Varberg, Linköping and Umea. Its success was such that in December she was offered an area over three times the size in the Konstfackskolan in Stockholm. Thus during the course of one year, works of large dimensions were created such as Janice's "In the Mist", both "Baroque Statues" and "Roman Architecture".

Milca Eremiasova had her first exhibition at home six year later, in 1973 in the "Galerie Bratri Capku" (Capek Brothers Gallery) in Prague.