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Ondrej Pycha

It might sound strange, but only when writing this text I was surprised to realize how young Ondrej Pycha actually was. He is 28 years old and we have known each other for quite some time now; that means that when we started going to concerts, me as a journalist and Ondrej with a camera, he must have been less than twenty. I did not realize it then or later. I took it for granted that this boy in check trousers was making beautiful pictures, that he was able to choose the best moment to shoot, to get under the skin of the artist on the stage and to present him or her to those who were not at the concert. Or simply did not see it the way he did?

Photographers of celebrities are sometimes accused of abusing the fame of others. It might be true in a way. However, Ondrej Pycha successfully avoids such allegations - maybe without knowing about it. His pictures show intimacy, closeness or bonding between him and the person in front of his camera. Pycha makes us witnesses to and observers of the moments when the photographed person opened up. All the charm of Ondrej's pictures may be summarized into a short formula: "Learn to make people feel that they are not simply posing for the camera. Make them interested and committed." If we take this formula and apply it to Ondrej's pictures, we see that all those photographed people must have really liked Ondrej.

Josef Rauvolf

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