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Ivana Follova

"More than the general dictat of fashion trends I am interested in the atmosphere af a specific person who wears my clothes. My creations I consider as playing with material, lines, colours even all kinds of heritage. My style, which I value, steers towards greater independence and personal freedom," describes Ivana her non-conformist fashion output.

Ivana creates only from natural materials, above all from silk which she personally colours and patterns. Every piece with the label "if..." is unique, an original and Ivana also oversees the perfect skilled studio work in its completion.

In her imaginative fligths she combines inspirationally various ethnic influences (often working with the Japanese kimono-style) and Central European darkness as well as anecdotal echoes of Czech folklore.

Ivana Follová's fashion, in which you can see mirrored her interest in cinema and theatrical costumery, is liked in artistic, political and business circles, and is also popular with foreign clientele.

Ivana Follová owns two fashion galleries - one in the luxury and renowned Czech spa town of Karlovy Vary and the other in the very centre of historic Prague. The gallery in Ungelt is the largest gallery in Prague combining clothes with applied arts. Ivana Follová does not only offer charming elegancy of evening dresses, comfort of hand-dyed silk models and original designs of modern city fashion but also jewellery, handbags, belts, objects of interior styling and ceramics by famous Czech artists.

Your individual orders will be made to measure by dressmakers in the studio in Mezibranská street.

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