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Jiri Bouda

Jiri Bouda is neither the first nor the last painter interested in everything to do with railroads; but only very few ones have had a chance to know it as well as him. Railroads has attracted him since his youth, and after having finished his university studies, he started working as a signalman at the Praha - Bubenec railway station. In the past, his forerunners admired railroads as an example of technical advancement of the modern civilization, a revolutionary progress. And that was the way they used to depict it - first of all, as a kind of external impression of a new phenomenon like William Turner or Claude Monet, or a social study like Honoré Daumier. There was also Lyonel Fieninger who has paid attention to expressionist aspects of the fading-away technology, while Paul Delvaux from Belgium has rendered his surrealistic feelings in mysterious night scenes of deserted railway stations. Where others have seen power, speed and mightiness of machines, Bouda sees in the first place a landscape and people. His railroad paintings and graphics speak a comprehensible and hospitable language, and his art captures poetic moments that find surprisingly many fanciers in these fast-moving times.

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