Daniela Flejsarova and Eva Janouskova

Daniela Flejsarova
Eva Janouskova

Fashion design

Exhibitions and shows
1991 regular shows of their models since (Hotel renaissance, Hilton, Zofin)
1991-92 show and exhibition at the IDEGO fair, Düsseldorf
1992 models for MISS Moravia, Bohemia and Slovakia

exhibitions at Rohneburg castle (Germany) and at the castle Cesky Sternberk (Czech Republic)
Frederickshaven Art Museum, Denmark
Baden-Baden, Germany

1994, 1996 models for MISS Bohemia
1996 exhibition at the CPD fair, Düsseldorf

fashion show in Bratislava
participation at the international fashion fair Styl, Brno

2000 costumes for the POMADA MUSICAL
2001 CSOB show
2002-04 Fashion show presenting SKODA on the autofair in Paris, Frankfurt, Geneva, Brno
2004 Fashion show for METRO group in Berlin