Daniela Flejsarova and Eva Janouskova

Daniela Flejsarova
Eva Janouskova

Fashion design


Daniela Flejsarova

born 1954 in Praze


Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, clothes design studio, prof. Z. Bauerova
A free-lance designer since graduation.

70's and 80's Flejsarova played an instrumental role in the attempts to help Czech fashion escape the grayness of the socialist uniform, and began working with "ordinary" materials in her original fashion, such as knit fabric used to make sports. The shirts and sweat suits, to transform them into garments of conspicuous, sometimes even striking styles.
up to 1990 Used the trademark "daniely".

Eva Janouskova

born 1955 in Ceske Budejovice

1974-78 Law Faculty, Charles University, Prague
1978-92 Lecturer at Charles University
Her decision to devote herself to fashion design was motivated mainly by her collaboration with film makers e.g., SVET NIC NEVI and TAJEMSTVI DOMU HAJNU by J. Svoboda and the SEMAFOR THEATRE.