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In 1991, the two designers, Daniela Flejsarova and Eva Janouskova, established a joint salon bearing the name "E.daniely"; in 2001, it celebrated its tenth anniversary while as active as ever.

The creation of models for regular shows is a joint effort in which the two design participate equally. Their creative union works well mainly thanks to the fact that two creators of different artistic approach have met, and their encounters and difference of opinions serve as a driving force behind their joint creative work. At the beginning of the process that is to result in a model and that starts with the very first tentatively drawn idea, D.Flejsarova's imagination plays a crucial role; together, the two designers then finalize the shape of the garment. E. Janouskova draws on her extensive knowledge of current fashions to lend a finishing touch to the garment and to oversee the execution, selection of suitable fabric and color, and last but not least, the inclusion of the model into a specific collection THE "E.daniely" trademark won a permanent place in the Czech fashion culture - not only thanks to continuous and conspicuous presentation, but first and foremost because it is synonymous with lively and topical fashion, and as such it sets a continuously high standard for certain circles of society. This is further expressed by the two basic lines of creation.

The first, "every-day wear", mostly features knitwear and spans the entire range of garments, from shirts to suits, coats and evening dresses, and the idea is that items would be gradually added and combined.

The second line that involves de luxe, one-of-a piece dinner clothes and evening gowns adds a broad range of color combinations to the original "traditional", mainly black and white collection, it also employs metal and costume jewelry effects, whether in collaboration with the Jablonec-based Preciosa, or, as was the case in 2001, with Swarovski which supplies costume jewelry to many leading world fashion designers. Gemstones or costume jewelry incorporated into evening dress and accentuating the same is one of the typical features of this trademark. Another typical feature is a careful selection of materials, mostly from the Italian firms Marcolana and Borgio. Russian classics, and later on G. B. Chesterton, claimed that the most refined taste was "smart casual". E. daniely persistently endeavors to promote exclusive, yet natural, elegance


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