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Petr Ptacek

Petr Ptacek is clearly fascinated by inventions of the first half of 20th century when it was not certain whether it would be the humans controlling the machine or the machine controlling humans. However, the artist progressed from looking for inspiration in the past in the same way technology did.

His paintings and graphics are witnesses to the courage of past and contemporary heroes setting out for a journey of adventure and victory, be it in the area of military, sports, invention or construction, spiced up with exotic landscapes or slightly dusty atmosphere of the years long passed. His works show also admiration for the racing, war and civil machines themselves that in the past one hundred years gained control over the land, water and air. He combines the Lhotak-like atmosphere of city and suburban retreats, the adventurous character of Zdeněk Burian's book illustrations, and a feeling for technical details that we know from designs of the automobile designer Vaclav Kral. The wonderful machines receive even more attention in acrylic and oil paintings where perfectionism reaches nearly the level of photorealism, similar to those in racing cars by the painter Theodor Pistek.

In music, a universally talented artist is called a multi-instrumentalist, the same is true about Petr Ptáček in fine arts - acrylic and oil paintings, watercolors, lithographs - he picks techniques at will and with sensitivity of a gifted musician. He always knows which one is the best for the "message of the depicted moment" to look truthful and not to lose anything from the original atmosphere.

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