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She says about men they never grow up. The creation of Veronika Richterová proves that playfulness in adulthood is not reserved to men and even the female guards of family fireplace do not get rid of it despite the burden of everyday concerns.

Cheerful relieves and mosaics created of the most common things seem to invite for entertainment and unmindfullness. Contrary to that the bronze statue of Gaston seal reminds that even if life seems to be a game, it can change into the fight and sometimes the most important battle.

Mushrooms, snakes and other small monsters that changed into washbasins, chimney pipes and other non-precious material remind the creation of the "queen of Czech fairytales" sculptress Věra Janoušková. Veronika Richterová takes this ironmongery material as a basis that she treats with enamel and therefore her statues seem to be more elaborate, smooth, modern and lively. Strong colourfulness of statues can make you think they are intended for decoration of places associated with children's play, such as kindergartens and schools. Of course, they suit these places but they can be used at any places that are associated with the sense of humour and joy of life.

Another area of creation of Veronika Richterová is young art called PetArt. She makes "crystal" chandeliers of PET bottles, mediaeval cups and different representatives of flora and fauna. She creates interesting objects from waste material - let's mention her non-traditional Pethleham and an interesting Pet-bra that cannot be overlooked.

The third area is mosaic for which she uses stones, slivers of tiles etc. It carries children's playfulness and is inspired by animal and plant world.

Veronika Richterová does not avoid graphics art. She excels in work with bronze as can be proved by restless suricatas from Prague zoo and quite an (un)usual roll.

In the current dictionary we could find a convenient word for her - mutliartists. We bow to such an unusually wide range of techniques she handles. Or we can smile and think because these witty and at the same time elaborate things are here to make our world more colourful, happier and thus make our life nicer and more pleasant.

Zuzana Ottova

Photos: Ivan Pinkava, Jan Pohribny, Lorion, Martin Homola and Michal Cihlar.

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