Jaroslav Kucera

Jaroslav Kucera



* December 19, 1946, Ředhoą», Litoměřice

1962-1966 Studies at the Secondary Vocational School for Construction in Mělník
1967 Begins his studies at the Construction Department of the Czech Technical University in Prague, living in the dormitory in Strahov. That year he took an active part in the student demonstrations against the regime that were the precursors of the Prague Spring of 1968. At the Strahov dormitory, he became the co-founder of the Strahov Photography Club (Fotoklub Strahov), several of the members of which would later become famous photographers (Miroslav Machotka, Zdeněk Lhoták, Eva Hejdová).
1969 Arrested while photographing the first anniversary of the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Army, viciously beaten and then jailed for several weeks in Pankrác Prison. This is also when he made the decision to be a photographer.
1973 Completes his university studies and becomes a construction engineer. Immediately after completing his state examinations, he starts earning a living as a free-lance photographer.

During the era of normalization, he is a photographer for several magazines and state companies. After the Velvet Revolution, he takes part in the founding of the Signum photography group, and in1996 he becomes a member of the agency Bilderberg Hamburg.