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Gabina Fárová

Gabina Fárová takes photographs of human figures - mostly girls - but we still do not recognize them in the pictures. Her goal is not to make portraits in the traditional sense, nor to present the body or a part of the body as seen in reality or as a model, through which it is possible to speak of something else, because it changes into a metaphor, no longer being a body, becoming a gulf, a mountain range, a violin. Fárová uses the principle of mirroring and its ability to multiply. She follows the current reality of life with its hustle and bustle, swiftness and transformations, but she does not want it to determine her artistic work so much that it would merely record those phenomena. She is interested in something permanent that is, at the same time, an image, where creative principles can be applied and where play is also present - the element that was raised to an artistic level by Friedrich Schiller. She named one large cycle "Kaleidoscope", because that was the principle on which it was created. The body or body parts are broken down into many fragments, are multiplied by the mirror principle and create an unusually complex, multifaceted image in which the model disappears. The structure of the photography is no longer the peephole into a child's toy. It follows up on the tradition of vaulted Gothic arches. A more pronounced connection can also be found in the system of Baroque spaces and arches that were introduced to architecture by Gustino Gustini in the Church of San Lorenzo in Turin, with its multielevational articulation.

Miroslava Hlaváèková

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