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Motto: the meaning of personification is a symbol of something that also can be illustrated in an entirely different form...

The idea of painting this cycle of pictures was conceived over many years, but it was not until early 2004 that a collection of forty panel paintings on the theme of noteworthy fragments from the history of ideas, or OPUS MAGNUM PICTUM (The Great Work in Pictures), began to come into being as an alchemistic depiction of the process of the transformation of humankind, encompassing the joining of various antitheses. The perception of history is always interesting, but when there is interaction between trains of thought of the past and present, it is fascinating to observe how stimulated imagination creates new outpourings of outlines and new mysteries. Here, the author - following the example of mystics, Hermeticists and medieval alchemists - deals with fundamental predestinations, flashing through history, and particularly their graphic metaphors, as a sort of nostalgia of the present for an ancient gem. There arises thereby a sort of attempt at creating a guide to our internal past that emerges with the aid of primitive forms against the background of ideas about their fragments that have significantly attracted us. The author depicts ciphers that manifest themselves to nearly every one of us at a moment of enlightenment, at the instant when we think about what transcends us. He attempts to fulfil the centuries-old dream, aggregating new synonyms on the mountain of old ones, with a very uncertain, unknown and perhaps preposterous result. In terms of form, the entire work is unified by the same background material - very old (up to two hundred years) wooden panels dealing with specific reliefs in foundation layers, with titles inscribed in Greek and Latin in painted frames and the same compositional principle. Unifying the works conceptually are the aforementioned interconnection of antitheses and, above all, effective communicativeness.

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