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Jiri Polednicek

Jiri Polednicek



Year of birth: 1953

Completed education - technical university

At present a self-employed creator of digital abstractions.

He has been involved with photography since his days as a university student, and with the arrival of digital techniques he has been continually testing their extreme limits and has been experimenting at the frontiers of their possibilities.

Glass is his favorite material, and the majority of his abstractions are made from photographs of glass. His best known work from the beginnings of his creative activity is the picture Blue Oracle, made from photography of a cut glass cup filled with tea.

For several years he did not publish his work, then the breakthrough came when he showed it to the editor-in-chief of the magazine TOP CLASS. That is when the first article appeared on his abstractions, starting off the continuous growth of interest in his abstract digital pictures.

He had his first independent, one-time exhibition at the Mánes Gallery on the occasion of the fashion show of Ms. Nedomová.

There followed exhibitions at the castle in Děčín, publication of his work on the web site of Ms. Helyn Davenport, a famous American photographer and collector of original designs in the area of photography, an independent exhibition at the Vinohrady Pavilion that was extended three times and a permanent display of his works in the Broadway Arcade.

Rádio Beat broadcast a series of interviews with him. His work is beginning to appear in designs from architecture studios, and it decorates many modern interiors.

At an international art exhibition in 2007 in České Budějovice with the participation of 95 artists from five European countries, he was the winner in the modern photography category.

He often encounters problems related to the impossibility of classifying his work. His reaction is always the same:

"I don't feel much like dealing with where to classify these digital abstractions (although Fauvism appeals to me). What drives me is the response of people from around the world."