Emanuel Ranny

Emanuel Ranny

Printing and painting


Born on 3rd February 1943 in Brno

1960 graduated studies at grammar school in Tisnov

studied at the school of art crafts in Brno
1964 took up a post in the advertisement section of the knitting machine factory in Trebic

1965 the first graphics made in drypoint technique
1970 building the house with the studio in Trebic - Nehradov according arch. Jiří Auermüller's project
1972 the first exhibition - Creative Třebíč, Westmoravian Museum in Trebic
1981 left the job, started being on his own
1984 cooperated with the poet Jan Skacel
1984–91 published Skacel's bibliophile with drypoints
1986 exhibited Skácel's bibliophile and graphic prints in Czech Writer Gallery, Brno invited to International Biennial of Graphic Art, Krakow
1987 exhibited at International Biennial of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, National Gallery in Prague bought graphic prints
1988 the collection of drypoints inspired by Jan Skácel poems, extended next years

exhibited at L'Europe des graveurs, Grenoble, the triptych of the poem by Jan Skacel - Cemetery of Vintners
Cemetery of Vintners awarded the special prize at Menton Special Festival de Gravures, France

1990 Dr. Frantisek Dvorak opened his first one-artist exhibition at Melantrich Gallery, Prague became a member of Q Association

awarded at Biennial of Graphic Art, Ljubljana, for the drypoint Nights and Days
became a member of the Czech Artist and Graphic Artist Association Hollar
created the collection of spacious drypoints

1992 started drypoint collection Raven Landscape in 18 pieces
1993 the biggest exhibition of drypoints and prints at Karolinum, Prague

awarded the prize of Ministry of Culture for the book White Thirst in the competition the Best Book of the Year
invited to World Award Winners Gallery, Katowice, awarded his drypoint Area according Petr Kral

1996 the first exhibition in the USA - Gallery Indigo, Lake Oswego
1997 graphic print Area according Petr Kral exhibited at Prints of the World, Kagawa, Japan

Ladislav Novak opened the exhibition of graphics and acrylic pieces at the Painted House in Trebic
published the bibliophile with drypoints /Ivan Divis - Prayer, E. A. Poe - The Raven/


created the triptych Raven Landscape according E. A. Poe of the total size 140 x 225 cm
at the exhibition "E. A. Poe - Illustrations of a Tormented Mind" in Karolinum, Prague, he exhibited the cycle Raven Landscape


granted the main prize - Graphics of the Year - for the cycle Raven Landscape according E. A. Poe, the Old Town Hall, Prague
award at Biennial of Graphic Art, Bitola, Macedonia

2001 at the Monument of National Literature in Prague are exhibited graphic prints accompanying poems of Jakub Deml, Frana Sramek, Ludvik Kundera, Jan Skacel, Ivan Divis, Petr Kral and E. A. Poe
2003 Return to painting, inspiration in Dalmacia

Grand Prix in International graphic bienale, Uzice, Serbia
Exhibition of paintings, Gallery UBK, Prague
International festival of Art, Gyeongman Art Museum, Korea