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Eliška Podzimková

Eliška Podzimková

Graphics, photography


27 April 1960

Eliska graduated from the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondricek in Pisek, in field of animation. Than she continued in studies of 3D animation at the New York Film Academy. She worked as an animator and markenting specialist for the New York Film Academy. Today she lives back in the Czech Republic and works as a freelance artist.

She is the author @animateny Instagram account, which literally changed her life and brought her collaborations on what she could have not even dreamed of. Eliška tries to show the everyday moments of regular life, through illustrated photographs, so that people pause for a moment and smile. She collaborated with world-renowned chef Jamie Oliver, her illustrated photograph landed on the front page of the New York City Metro newspaper, she photographed for American Vogue magazine and created a project with Czech news portal iDnes called Dokreslené Česko. She is currently working on tour with Tomáš Klus and preparing a project AnimateCancer with her former doctor of Oncology.

Individual exhibitions

2016 POLOJASNO, Jindrisska tower, Prague